Chinese Studies, Mandarin, Chinese, GuoYu, Huayu, Hanyu, Zhongwen, Putonghua, Chinese Language & Culture for both primary and secondary schools pupils

都柏林中文學校 Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese was founded in 2009 and has been approved as an Overseas Compatriot Education Organisation in Taiwan since 2011.


 We welcome students from both primary and secondary schools who are interested in Chinese studies, learning Mandarin (AKA Chinese 國語, Huayu 華語, Hanyu 漢語, Zhongwen 中文, Putonghua 普通話), Chinese arts & crafts and Culture.  Our school is delighted to announce the support of the Overseas Community Affair Council, Taiwan for their sponsorship of our textbooks and workbooks

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Our school has carefully selected the best text books published by Sky Mandarin and approved by both of Dept of Education and the Overseas Community Affairs Council in Taiwan.  The advantage of this series of books is that they include both of Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters as well as two phonetic systems - zhu yin and pinyin to help our young learners to master the language.  I've always wished my children could learn both systems and these books turn my dream into reality!  We also use Speak Mandarin in 1000 wordsSpeak Mandarin in 500 wordsHello HuaYu, Go Chinese and our Library to cater for different ages/classes. 


Our aim is to encourage our next generation to develop an interest in language learning either is part of their heritage or as a second/third or even fourth language.   Our Methods of teaching are through creative activities such as Chinese puppetery, play, songs, games, story, videos, cultural element and ICT in classroom to motivate and cultivate the ability to listen, to speak, to read and to type in Chinese.  We want to make it as much child/student centred as possible because each child is different as is their learning style.  
Our school is managed by Evan Furlong ( and we run two terms per year.  Classes are on Saturday from 1-3 pm in Bray, 14 weeks between Sept. to Dec. and 18 weeks between Jan. to May


Please click on here for available classes in Sept 2019/20.


At your schools

After-school clubs

Extra curriculum

Transition year

Junior ycle short courses 

Senior cycle  

Foreigh Language Assistant 

Our qualified native Taiwanese teachers are all garda vetted and available to deliver Mandarin Chinese language and culture classes to your schools/clubs as a core curriculum, extra curriculum, afterschool activity, junior cycle short courses, transition year subject, senior cycle or as a Foreigh Language Assistant.

Please contact us for further information and we would love to arrange a meeting to discuss syllabus with you.


Transition Year Work Experience

We offer places for Transition Year students who is either a heritage speaker or has been studied Mandarin Chinese in junior cycle.


Our School Locations

NWETSS, Putland Road, Bray

01 282 3707 / 0879911614

Our location

Putland Road,
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